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How to transfer my domain to Quick2Host.com?

Transfering your domain to Quick2Host.com is very simple. There are two ways to go about it. You can choose either method to transfer your domain:

Method 1: Through Domain Transfer Code (EPP Code)

Following are the requirements for this transfer method:

  • Your email should be in Administrative contact email of your domain
  • Your domain should be currently in unlocked state.
  • You should have the domain transfer secret (EPP Code)

Once you have these details, place an order for domain transfer and send us the above details. After receiving these details, we will initiate the domain transfer process. You will receive a transfer confirmation email at your administrative contact email to confirm the transfer. Simply click on "Approve Transfer" link and your domain will be transferred to your account at Quick2Host.com

Method 2: Through Domain Control Panel

If you know the details for the domain control panel, then you can provide these details to our customer support executives. They will process everything and inform you of the transfer.

Please note: Transfer process takes normally 5-7 days. During this period, your website will NOT BE DOWN. It will be working. For any transfer related help, please call our domain transfer specialist at 93410 92211 or raise a support ticket through our customer portal.


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