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What about Product Support?

Even though all our products are tested thoroughly for stability and scalability, we stand by all our products for any technical issues for a period of at least 365 days.

The real estate website software is already tested for the following conditions:

  • SQL Injection Hacking Protection: This protects your website from hacking attempts via SQL queries.
  • 400 User Load Test: Using automated tools, we have tested this product for stability and performance with 400 simultaneous users.
  • Performance & Stability: The software is tested thoroughly for optimal performance, code optimization and stability with various input conditions. All the discovered bugs as a result of above testings have been fixed.
  • Boundary Conditions Input Test: All the inputs to the website are tested for boundary conditions. These are special cases, which make any software crash for invalid / inconsistent inputs.
Hence, you can purchase our software with full confidence.

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